Comparison of the KT1000/KT2000 to the BBM KA

MEDmetric® Knee Ligament Arthrometer® model KT2000™
Manual Stiffness and Laxity Calculations

Blue Bay Medical Knee Arthrometer
(under $7000.00)
Automated Stiffness and Laxity Calculations

Compared to the KT1000/KT2000, the BBM KA has the following advantages:

  • Records and displays displacement at 15, 20 and 30 lb anterior load and 15 lb posterior load.
  • Displays a load-displacement curve.
  • Capable of displaying two curves on the touch screen for comparison.
  • Records data on an SD card.
  • Computes end range stiffness.
  • Automatically captures the maximum displacement during the Manual Maximum Displacement Test.
  • Operates untethered to a PC or x-y plotter and automatically measures displacement and stiffness without having to analyze paper chart.

In conclusion, The BBM KA provides identical mechanical test results as the KT1000/KT2000 but in a more modern, convenient design.